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Get the wide secrets for your metric front end.
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If you are racing a dirt track street stock with a metric frame this is something you need to know. I will show you how to improve your front suspension by interchanging upper and lower control arms,center link,spindles and ball joints. All parts used are OEM GM that can be purchased at parts stores and wrecking yards.

Get more forward bite thru the turns and make your car easier to drive.
Wide Front End Parts for Metric Frames
Most commonly known as Flexi - Flyer Front End. Now you can get the correct info for the parts required to update your metric front end.

Includes parts list (with oem applications and part numbers) for ball joints,tie rods,centerlink, spindles,steering box,pitman arm,idler arm and control arms.

In addition to the exact list of parts you will also get photos of the upper and lower arms and installation tips.

Stop getting the runaround from the competition and get the facts. All the info and photos will be sent to you by email so there is no shipping expense or waiting for delivery.

The real secret is if you use the wide front end parts you should also use the wide rear end parts. Included is rearend specifications needed to complete your wide setup and a description of how it all works.

I have built several metric frame cars for customers and all the cars were winners even with rookie drivers. Take this opportunity to get my knowledge for a very fair price.

Buy now and get the winning information today to put your car into Victory Lane.

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you will be directed to the download site for immediate access to Wide Secrets..

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Buy Wide Secrets Now for $16.99 with PayPal and get the info immediately!

Wide Metric Frame Setup Sheet
This is a extra item to be used with the Wide Secrets download.
This setup sheet is just what it says, a setup sheet.

The setup sheet includes Air pressure,Wheel Offsets,Springs,Shocks and the required front end alignment specs.

Purchase this info separate from the Wide Secrets.
Cost is $10.99 and must be purchased with PayPal.
Make payment to PayPal and get the setup sheet instantly. No Waiting!

Buy Setup Sheet Now for $10.99 with PayPal and get the info immediately!

Good Luck Racing!
This is Valuable Information many of Your Competitors already know and are keeping a secret! ...................................................... Get More Forward Bite Plus Make Your Metric Street Stock Easier To Drive and WIN!.